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business law

Commercial law

Judicial representation in Portugal in:


Processes with situations involving checks, promissory notes, general contractual clauses and commercial contracts (commercial distribution contracts, agency contracts, commercial concession contracts, franchising, commercial use and installation contracts, transfer and e-commerce contracts)


Credit collection processes (injunctions and executions)

corporate law


Constitution of companies or groups of companies and ACE'S


Legal advice on changes and transformations of companies


Legal advice on the acquisition and sale of companies in Portugal


Legal advice in company merger and division processes


Legal advice on the acquisition of securities (shares or bonds)

Insolvency law and special business revitalization plan (PER)


Presentation to insolvency of commercial companies and natural persons in Portugal


Judicial representation processes for further verification of credits in Portugal


Representation in creditors' meetings

Required documentation

– Copy of the customer’s civil identification card;

– Business registration certificate of the company;

– Copa of the articles of association or articles of association;

– Copy of the minutes book with copies of the relevant minutes for the matter in question;

– Copy of the previous year’s IRC (mod.22) and IES statement


* Required only for insolvency situations


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